Payroll accounting

We provide complete payroll and personnel administration:

- We elaborate registrations to and withdrawals from the system of social security and health insurance contributions
- We issue receipts of taxable income and deductible advances
- We carry out accounting of tax on personal income from employment and deductibles

In the framework of payroll accounting we can provide:

- Salary sheets and recapitalisation
- Payment orders
- Payrolls
- Summaries of insurance and salaries, paid wages
- Calculation of taxes, social and health insurance contributions
- Summaries health insurance payments, base of assessment for the social security office, individual insurance payments
- Reports on calculations of labour law averages, daily averages for sickness benefits (reduced and unreduced )
- Summaries of payroll deductions by distrainment or otherwise, pension insurance records, annual tax benefits from employees
- Records of work-related and other accidents and other documents such as statistics on employment and illness