We have taken care of our client’s accounting for nearly twenty years; we pay close attention to the legal pitfalls arising from the frequent amendments to the tax laws and we have conquered all of the related bureaucratic obstacles. We aim to provide the highest possible level of services and support to business ventures, including a range of services significantly exceeding the normal framework of an accounting company. At our accounting offices we consider this client approach as being standard and it has enabled us to expand the number of our satisfied clients.


In the framework of our accounting services we do the utmost:
- We elaborate all submitted documents
- We maintain accounting books and other records in accordance with the valid standards
- On request we can take over the documentation directly in your workplace
- Based on your accounting records we prepare and then submit tax returns, including the mandatory attachments
- We are available for immediate consultation in person, by telephone or by email
- We highlight possible problems arising from the supplied accounting documents
- We attend all inspections by the Tax or Social Security Office
- We handle all the necessary registrations in relation to your business
- We archive all documents submitted by the client or otherwise obtained for the client, all in accordance with generally binding legal regulations that apply to this area


- Accounting
- Maintaining tax records
- Processing (reconstruction) of accounts
- Payroll and personnel administration
- Tax advice
- Representation in negotiations with the authorities
- Other accounting and related services